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Alberta Canada black bear hunting

Black Bear Hunting in Alberta, Canada
Black Bear Hunts In The Spring with Green Island Outfitters

Hunting black bear in the Peace River Valley in Alberta, Canada is excellent. With a huge population
of trophy sized bears and many color phases, you are sure to be impressed with the black bear hunting trips we offer. The Peace and Smoky River Valleys and their tributaries as well as the surrounding boreal forest and agricultural country provide tremendous habitat for trophy black bears.

Because of the growing population of bears in our area, we use bait setups to make it easier to pick the trophy bear you are after. The setups are any were from 15 to 20 yards with a mixture of permanent stands and self climbing stands. We run 40 to 50 bear baits per season so hunters can have a choice of moving spots during their hunt. We have 6 hunters per week in camp so it gives hunters a good selection of bait sites to hunt.

We would like our hunters to harvest six foot and larger bears to keep our trophy bear populations strong. A six foot or larger bear will keep you in trophy sized bears and there are an abundance of them in our hunting area. We have the largest quantity of colored phased bears in north America so harvesting a blonde, cinnamon or brown colored bear is a definite possibility.

There is no question the Peace River country has gained a lot of popularity with hunters in the recent years and has become a destination of choice for black bear hunting. Give Al a call today to reserve your black bear hunt with Green Island Outfitters. You will enjoy the hunt of a lifetime!

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Alberta Canada black bear hunting
alberta black bear hunting

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